Shirui Ye "Ray"





My name is Shirui Ye "Ray". I am currently a computer science major  Master student at Boston University.

After I finished my Bachelor's degree in computer science at Boston University and before I became a master student, I decided to work as a full-stack web developer at the Greater Boston Area.

I have worked for several companies as their full stack developers and have built several websites/web applications based on different CMS and web techniques.

Working Experiences at local Businesses/Companies
Academic Projects

This application lets users find their professors’ office hours and locations easily by providing all information of professors from Boston University CS departments. Users can search for professors’ office locations and office hours according to professors’ names, even users’ course numbers and users can be navigated to the offices. 

This application provides the path which leads users to approach their crushes by combining three algorithms which are trust value algorithm, location based similarity algorithm, and compatibility algorithm.

This is an implementation of RSA encryption and decryption using Python. 

 AI for Connect 4 (Implemented with Java), MapReduce Distributed System (Implemented with Golang), Hand Gesture Detection (Implemented with C++) 

Skills and Techniques

 Python, Java, Golang, Matlab, C 

JS (Vue JS, React JS), jQuery, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, PHP, CodeIgniter, MySQL

Wordpress, Shopify, Wix 

 Putty, WinSCP, Wireshark, ActiveDirectory, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator


Fluent in English; Native Chinese speaker; Intermediate conversation in Spanish and Japanese 

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